It’s a colourful life…

Our last day in Jaipur was all about Holi, the Indian festival of colour. And coloured we were. The warm up started the night before with a ritual lighting of fires in the streets, signifying the burning of evil spirits. Holi celebrates the victory of good over evil, the start of spring as well as thanksgiving for a good harvest. The following day is when everybody goes mad with coloured powders and water. Normal boundaries are disregarded with the police turning a blind eye to things. Everybody and everything is fair game for full on colour bomb explosions…that includes the cows and dogs too. Continue reading

From the Raj to the Taj

So we headed to our most northerly point in India, Amritsar, close to the border with Pakistan. What a contrast compared to Varanasi, it couldn’t have been more different. We stayed in a lovely homestay on the outskirts of the city. The landlady was a typical proud Indian mother, who after enquiring what our jobs were she then proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes describing in quite some detail how successful her own children were. Once we admired their photos on her wall, we were released to relax and settle in…. Continue reading

Our passage through India…

Our passage through India!

Following a quiet month of rest and recovery in Thailand, Simon’s elbow is now well on the mend and we’ve finally made it to India. Wow! What a place India is, a vibrant riot of colour, smells, sounds (mainly horns) and noisy yet smiling people. Our first port of call on the sub continent was Chennai (or Madras if you’re old school). We were pleasantly surprised… Continue reading

Farewell Indonesia

We skipped through the Gili Islands having spent a few nights on Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, to be honest there wasn’t a great deal there for us. It’s ideal if you want to learn to dive by day, laze on the beach and party by night. But after having spent the last few weeks in Bali, we were ready for pastures new and to see more……

Continue reading

Bye bye Bali – it’s been great

Firstly apologies that we haven’t blogged for a while, to be honest the last few weeks have been spent with friends on our original Bali holiday that we had planned before we decided to head off on our big adventure. So we really have kicked back, done lots of relaxing and sun time…we’ve stayed in two amazing private villas and now we’re leaving Bali after 2 months, completely relaxed, rejuvenated, with what could almost be called a tan and ready for our onward adventure, we’ll make sure not to leave it so long from now…. Continue reading